Monday, August 27, 2012

The Mariner

To dive beneath your skin
Where the scent of sunrays and mountain peaks beckon me.
Oh sirens!
Your melody, so sweet
Hangs like a vice around my heart.
I’ve become accustomed to the ache.
In moments it loosens,
And I am aware of its yield
Stay! I beg for more of the rhythmic pounding that follows its cadence.
It pulls me to the undertow
Where air evades me-
Far beneath the waves that have cracked the shallow surface.
I find myself crashing to the ocean floor, my brain dizzied by orchestration.
In moments of clarity there is solace in this place of vulnerability.
The vastness of warmth, here, in this space only we two, share.
Caught off guard by a gaze inviting me closer into the depth of you,
I'm leery of timeless tales, of the melodies relayed by those on shore
Those with deep furrows in faces scoured clean and fragile by years of salt water embedded in their skin.
You wrap your strong arms around me, inviting me further...inviting release.
Breathless, I succumb. I have nothing left to offer.
Nothing to give. My body grows limp.
Like a miracle, you grab my face and place your lips to mine. Life pours into me.
An aria. Music I've have never encountered floods my ears. Sharp. Crisp. Bellowing. Pure. It's almost too much to contain, and I break away for a moment of respite.
But, I quickly realize it is something my soul is in need of in this vast unknown territory.
In the darkness, I am guided toward the familiar tune.
Until our lips meet again.
I have but one request. 
If I drown entangled in this one breath between us…
Please, heavenly creature…
Sing me home

Poem by Tracy Medberry 2012; Video: Never Let Me Go by Florence and the Machine, Universal Island Records 2012