Monday, December 29, 2014

I loved you yesterday

I loved you yesterday

But somewhere between polished fingernails

Laced with painted cherry blossoms and

Scabbed feet watermarked by Monet's Water Lilies,

My heart ceased to beat--

A heart that once rushed to life

With each golden sunset reflected in your eyes

And every moss stained rock leading to high places.

I knowingly set it on that trail

Awaiting the tread marks of your boots

Or the stab of the pointed satin slipper.

Oh God! Something to make it alive!!

But it only lay there

Trampled and scarred--

Too weak to breathe its rose watered oxygen...

Until he came

With Christmas bells and slow dances by firelight

The smell of pine needles lingering on my skin

And his rich coffee laden vibrato

Humming deep within my chest.

Amid whispers of orange trees and blue skies,

My heart took its first sips of life

Reminding me of what I was missing...

Reminding me of what had been there all along.