Friday, October 30, 2015


Oh my vita
To dine upon your skin
Tasting every honey dew dropped morsel of sweat 
That forges on your chest
Let me love you in Orlando
Taking flight through crisp waters
And broken waves
Making love upon bright beaches.

Ours was a gray kind of love
Seeping it's way past social morale or religious doctrine
Into the sand that wedged it's way between toes of ambiguity

With every biting crest
You relinquish sighs of guilt 
Into my lungs
And let me sustain you
With breaths of approbation

This sacred dance
Of flesh and spirit becoming one
Intertwined notes shaping our immortal symphony
We are music
We are the words carving Shakespeare’s sonnets
We are the the culmination of all that is pure and whole and holy

Let me be the voice to your quavering song 
Let me be the wine upon your barren lips
Taste me
Consume me

Shatter me.