Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Branded skin
Oil of the moon
I painted the sky with pieces of you.
Dazzled lips...undressed rubies.
Bones crushed beneath 
The weight of words unspoken.
Shadowed treads across the heart
Deep within the swamps of murky kisses 
Entangled in an embrace 
That left us drowning
Ripping and clawing 
Our way toward freedom
We pushed the other under the mire,
To gasp for air.

Was it worth it in the end, 
Oh my darling of sirens?
To heed the call 
Of a melody so enchanting?

In a canvas somewhere
Lay pieces of us 
Painted with the oil of the moon.
The bluest of skies.
Branded skin.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Guardian of my past and future 
My world has imploded
I watch as you bathe languidly in my destiny.
If I’m your beloved,
Caress me with whispers of a secret language
Only we two share.
Fill me with tender kisses,
Till I’m drowning in the grasp of your love 
The incandescent beauty of two becoming one.
Crawl beneath my skin and pour
The fragrance of your spirit
Into every ruptured and scarred artery
Of my soul.
Until I’ve tasted the very last drop of its fruit
And know
You are good.