Friday, May 31, 2013


His steel blue eyes soaked through my skin, leaving a warmth I’d never known.
His smile, a cage of butterflies unleashed into my stomach.
His voice, a fortress for my uncertainties.
His arms, my strength, my shelter,
draping around my body like a warm quilt in winter.
His large hands, interlocking with mine, making me dainty and beautiful.
His words, a bridge to unexplored terrain and new adventures awaiting me.
His feet, joining mine to dance when the rain came.
His body, a bit worn from our travels and travails, but continuing to move forward…
Side by side.
His heart… it’s the only thing missing.
Long ago, when my heart stopped beating,
He opened my chest, and placed his heart beside mine.
Before long, new life rushed to me.
With my new found vitality, the color quickly began to drain from his cheeks.
This gift was too much!
He was dying.
There was nothing to do, but return his heart to him.
I reached inside, grasping for one strong pulse.
I maneuvered and pulled, but his heart would not budge from my body.
It was attached, as if it were my own.
I reached in for one last tug
And noticed there was not one, but two pulses…
Two heartbeats!
My own heart lay there loose and detached,
as if it were a map, guiding me…
to steel blue eyes, a smile that made my stomach turn, large, gentle hands.
I was no longer my heart’s rightful owner.
I placed it inside him, gently kissing his lips, as air and life returned to him.
My heart now belonged to him.