Wednesday, August 13, 2014


If I could take your pain and freeze it in time, 
I would journey to the ends of the earth and bury it deep beneath the final ocean wave,
Where it could never again singe your skin or drain breath from your lungs
Steal sunlight from your eyes.
Your eyes -- I would fill them with diamonds
So your joy sparkled in the light of day
And when evening came, your starlight was a beacon for the wayward soul.
The dark of night would no longer be needed for asylum
The glare of morning could not sear your tender heart.
The truth is, you deserve far more than I could ever give.
You are prized far more than diamonds, moonlight, or daybreak.
You are the reason oceans roar, lungs gasp, hearts beat.
Without you, children would cease to laugh, feet would cease to dance…
The stars would fade from the sky.
You are irreplaceable, my friend
You are HIS.